Do you have students in your classroom who are not progressing well with leveled readers? Students who have a difficult time remembering high frequency sight words? Students who don’t know what to do when they get to a word they do not know?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our series would be a great next step for your students.

Some students don’t progress well with leveled readers because they need a more systematic approach to instruction. They struggle to remember high frequency words, and don’t recognize the patterns inherent in the English language. They need explicit and direct instruction of the individual building blocks of English and how those building blocks go together in systematic ways to form words.

Our decodable books are ideal for such students because they introduce only one concept or pattern at a time. Once students understand the basic pattern, they can successfully read each word by blending sounds rather than having to remember sight words.

Like leveled readers, our books have strong meaning and structure. The books tell stories that allow for deeper thinking. Students can predict, make connections, and infer throughout the stories. The pictures closely match the text and students can use the pictures to support them as they solve new words and think about what makes sense. As well as this strong focus on meaning, our books use language structures that are familiar. By using all five vowel sounds in each book, we were able to widen the range of words used and keep the language structures more natural for young readers.

As the series progresses, we systematically introduce some irregular sight words, digraphs, trigraphs, and some common endings (see the Scope and Sequence chart in the “Posts” section). The word count grows and the length of the phrases increase. Click on the “Books” section to see some text examples and read about some tips for prompting in the series.