Prompting with SyllaSense Decodable Readers

When reading SyllaSense Decodable Readers, you might want to use some of the same prompts that you are accustomed to using in Leveled Readers:

  • think about the story – what makes sense?
  • does this help? (point to the picture or to a letter)
  • get your mouth ready for the first sound
  • listen to yourself – did that make sense?
  • put the words together to make it sound like talking

You might also, however, want to try some of the following prompts:

  • find the vowel – what sound does it make?
  • what letter(s) come(s) after the vowel? What does this tell us about the vowel sound?
  • make the sounds – put those sounds together to make a word
  • don’t guess – look all the way through and put the sounds together

The key idea that we want students to understand is that they can use what they know about syllables to solve unknown words, right from the beginning stages of reading. This skill will stay with them and support them as they progress to more difficult texts.