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Full Series Bundle - Single Title Set

Full Series Bundle - Single Title Set

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-Note: if you are purchasing 6 or more sets, please visit our Classroom Sets page

-set includes all 50 Titles (10 Yellow, 10 Green Fiction, 10 Green Photo, 10 Blue, 10 Purple)

-single copy of each title


Each SyllaSense Decodable Reader is constructed to support the demands of active classrooms.

Book durability is determined by the type and weight of the pages, the coatings applied to the pages, and the type of cover and binding.

Each book consists of 16 coated heavy-duty pages bound with an extra heavy-duty cover. These ensure a durable, vibrant, and high-quality finish.

The cover is also matte-laminated which provides additional protection in active classrooms.

Shipping & Returns

Books are heavy and shipping costs are closely linked to the shipment weight. Our smallest set of 10 books weighs a pound. A Full Series Classroom Set weighs 30 pounds.

We protect each set of books by first shrink-wrapping the set to provide both moisture and handling damage during shipping, and then by carefully packing them in heavy-duty boxes to prevent them from impacts during transit.

If the books are damaged in transit, please reach out to us immediately.

Additionally, although we have inspected every book for visible issues prior to shipping, it is possible that some quality issues may have been missed. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are concerned.

Like you, we expect our books to arrive in perfect condition, and we will work to rectify any problems.


Each book is 5 inches by 7 inches, and about a tenth of an inch thick. A set of 10 is 1 inch thick.

A set of 10 books weighs 1lb.

A full series bundle weighs 5lb.

A single series classroom set weighs 6lb

A full series classroom set weighs 30lb

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