Lee-Ann Lear has been a teacher for 19 years. She currently works in the York Region in Ontario, Canada, as a Special Education Teacher. Throughout her teaching years, she has been fascinated by the process of teaching reading and working with struggling readers. Lee-Ann taught Reading Recovery for 6 years, and has her Reading Specialist. In 2014, she completed an Associate Level course in the Orton Gillingham Approach. Soon after, Lee-Ann became trained in Empower Reading™ when it was piloted in the York Region. She had recently finished her Special Education Specialist.

Lee-Ann began writing this book series while teaching Kindergarten. She noticed that some of her students were struggling with a Whole Language approach. She began looking for an alternative to leveled readers, but didn’t like the lack of story line and the unnatural language structures in many decodable books on the market. Lee-Ann explored the idea of creating a book series using only “closed syllable” words. The challenge was to also keep the stories meaningful and engaging for young children. The first versions were made from family photos and drawings created by her co-educator Nataliya Katula (DECE). These books allowed students who were struggling to begin to experience success. These prototypes evolved into the full series now in print. Several years later, Lee-Ann wrote and published the Purple Series (Vowel-Consonant-e). In time, she hopes to create additional series highlighting the different syllable types.