Run! - Tip Sheet

an image of the cover of the book "Run!" showing a fox running across a snowy background- IT IS ESSENTIAL TO PRE-TEACH THE CONCEPTS INTRODUCED IN EACH BOOK PRIOR TO READING! -

Run! - Teacher Tip Sheet

Yellow Series - Book 9 - Run!

Grapheme/Phoneme Correspondence

Tips and Activities to Try

Introduced in This Book

  • <y>/y/ as a consonant

Previously Introduced


  • all short vowels


  • <c>/k/, <g>/g/, <s>/s/ and /z/, <d>/d/, <h>/h/, <m>/m/, <n>/n/, <p>/p/, <t>/t/, <b>/b/, <f>/f/, <r>/r/, <l>/l/, <z>/z/, <x>/ks/, <v>/v/, <k>/k/, <w>/w/, <j>/j/


  • <th>/TH/ voiced (only in the), <ck>/k/, <ff>/f/, <zz>/z/, <ss>/s/, <ll>/l/

Additional Concepts

  • final consonant cluster <nd> (only in and)

Key Concepts to Understand

  • <y> can represent a consonant sound and a vowel sound
  • be sure to introduce the phoneme /y/ as one of the phonemes that can be represented by the grapheme <y>
  • the consonant phoneme represented by <y> can be hard to pronounce in isolation (e.g., without a schwa “y-uh”) - ask students to get their mouth in the /y/ position, and then blend straight into the word vowel (e.g., /y/, /e/, /s/ NOT /y-uh/, /e/, /s/)

Words and Phrases for Reading and Writing

Here is a list of words that can be used for phonemic awareness activities, reading, dictation, games cards, etc.:

  • yes, yet, yum, yuck, yell, yam, yap, yack, yip, fizz, buzz, ill, cuff, mill, fill, boss, toss, will, web, wet, jet, jag, jug, job, jazz, fuzz, kids, kick, vet, pets

Here is a word chain you could complete with blending cards:

  • yes → yet → yell → well → will → win → wit → sit → sat → sap → yap → yam → yack → back → buck → buff → puff → cuff → cut → cot → lot → loss

Here are phrases that can be used for reading and/or dictation practice. These phrases can be combined to create sentences. A good opportunity arises to address syntax if the resulting sentence is not grammatically correct (e.g., Jazz and his cat yells at the dog. → Jazz and his cat yell at the dog.)

Noun Phrases

Verb Phrases

Prepositional Phrases

Jazz and his doll

will buzz

at the well

a big jet

will huff and puff

on the hill

a big mess

got the pass

to the jet

his red jug

jogs in the muck

off the big deck


Tips and Activities to Try

Previously Introduced

  • suffix <-s> third person singular
  • suffix <-s> as plural
  • note suffix <-s> as students encounter it and support where needed

Punctuation/Text Features

Tips and Activities to Try

  • question mark

Key Concepts to Understand

  • a reader’s voice should go up slightly up at the end of a question

Comprehension Corner - Run!

Vocabulary Development

  • What is a den? (refer to Book 6, “In Bed”, if needed)

Making Connections

  • Do you like to run?
  • What kinds of exercise do you enjoy?


  • Do you think all the people and animals in this book are having fun running? Why or why not?


  • Tell someone what you liked about this book. Which picture was your favourite
  • What do you think the children are doing on the last page?


Tip Sheet written by Shari Kudsia and Helen Maclean - April 2023 - ©SyllaSense Inc.