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Grapheme/Phoneme Correspondence Assessment

This informal assessment includes all graphemes currently included in SyllaSense's scope and sequence, in the order they are introduced. It then moves on to include graphemes that will be introduced in subsequent SyllaSense books. 

Grapheme/Phoneme Assessment

Grapheme/Phoneme Assessment Record


Low Frequency Word Assessment

This informal assessment presents words for students to decode. These words are low frequency words, and as such, are not likely words that students will know by sight. Note how students attempt to read these words. Do they blend the sounds together to make a word? Do they guess based on the first letter? Do they say the sounds, but don't yet know how to blend the words? These observations will help teachers determine a good starting point for student instruction. The words follow the order of SyllaSense's scope and sequence.

Low Frequency Word Assessment

Low Frequency Word Assessment Record