Red Series

The Red Series follows the Blue/Teal Series, and consists of 10 Photo Titles. As the Red Series progresses, the following concepts are introduced:
    • vowel digraphs <oa>/ō/, <ea>/ē/, <ow>/ō/, <oo>/ū/, and <oo>/o͝͝o/
    • vowel trigraph <igh>/ī/
    • digraph <ph>/f/
    • diphthongs <oi>/oy/, <oy>/oy, <ou>/ow/, and <ow>/ow/
    • <a>/ā/ and <i>/ī/ in open syllables
    • vowel-consonant-e syllables, and vowel flexibility in two syllable words
    • High Frequency Words: “come”, “some”, “many”, “people”, and a small selection of content words