Scope and Sequence

Scope and Sequence

Our Scope and Sequence is organised into 5 general categories:

• Grapheme/Phoneme Correspondence

• Orthographic Conventions (Patterns and Generalisations)

• Morphology

• Punctuation/Text Features

• High Frequency Words

At the end of our Scope and Sequence, we have a notes section. This section defines and explains the terms we use in our series.

We have created 3 versions of our Scope and Sequence - all include the same content, but are in different printable formats. Please feel free to download whichever version best suits your needs.

Full Scope and Sequence - Printable plain table

Full Scope and Sequence - Printable booklet

Full Scope and Sequence - Printable 11 x 17 spread

We will soon be releasing "teacher tip sheets" for each book, which will give a more detailed description of the concepts included in the series, as well as ideas for teaching.