Scope and Sequence

Scope and Sequence

Our Scope and Sequence is organised into 5 general categories:

• Grapheme/Phoneme Correspondence

• Orthographic Conventions (Patterns and Generalisations)

• Morphology

• Punctuation/Text Features

• High Frequency Words

At the end of our Scope and Sequence, we have a notes section. This section defines and explains the terms we use in our series.

We have created 2 versions of our Scope and Sequence - both include the same content, but are in different printable formats. Please feel free to download whichever version best suits your needs.

Printable Plain Table (Ink saving)


Printable Booklet


UFLI Foundations Decodable Text Guide

This table has been copied directly from UFLI's Decodable Text Guide. As they state on their original document, "this chart does not imply endorsement of a book, or set of books, or a statement about the quality of the book". We are grateful to UFLI for creating this list, and for their ongoing work creating quality resources for teachers. 

Click here for UFLI's full Decodable Text Guide

UFLI Decodable Text Guide with only SyllaSense