Green Series

The Green Series follows the Yellow Series, and is comprised of two sets – Fiction Stories and Photo Stories, each with 10 titles. The Green Series starts with all short vowel sounds, all single consonants, several common consonant digraphs, and high frequency words “the”, “a”, and “to”. As the series progresses, the following concepts are introduced:

  • additional digraphs <ch>, <sh> and trigraphs <-tch> and <-dge>

  • initial and final consonant clusters, first with continuous sounds, then with stop stounds

  • orthographic conventions such as the doubling rule and when to use <-tch> and <-dge>

  • <wa>(<a> as short /ŏ/ after <w>) and <al>(<a> as short /ŏ/ when followed by <l>)

  • suffixes <-ed> and <-ing>

  • concept of "schwa" in unstressed syllable

  • High Frequency Words: "of", "was", "said" and “they”

Green Fiction

Books 1-10 of the Fiction Stories are painted with vivid colours and the stories revolve around animals and young characters. The text is large and clear with extra space to help young readers see the distinction between each word.

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Green Photo

Books 1-10 of the Photo Stories are created with real photographs. The stories have more of a narrative structure, describing what the characters are doing and experiencing. The Photo Stories start at a slightly higher level than the Fiction Stories. On our Scope and Sequence, you will see that Book 1 of the Photo Stories aligns with Book 4 of the Fiction Stories.

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Scope and Sequence

We have created 3 versions of our Scope and Sequence - all include the same content, but are in different printable formats. Please feel free to download whichever version best suits your needs.

Scope and Sequence Page