Purple Series

The Purple Series follows the Blue Series, and consists of 10 Photo Titles. As the Purple Series progresses, the following concepts are introduced:

  • long vowels in vowel-consonant-e pattern (“marker” <e> marks the preceding vowel long)

  • consonant digraphs <kn> and <wr>

  • replace <e> suffixing convention

  • 3 syllable words

  • suffix <-y>, <-er>, <-ful>, <-est>, and <-ly>

  • prefix <un-> and <re->

  • High Frequency Words: “their”, “some”, “where/there”

The Purple Series has slightly smaller font size and spacing, and includes a greater selection of polysyllabic words for young readers to explore. It includes stories that are both narrative in structure and non-fiction. The Purple Series also includes some well known Canadian destinations, including Niagara Falls in Ontario, and Hopewell Rocks in Nova Scotia. Its vivid photos are engaging, and texts informative.

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Scope and Sequence

We have created 3 versions of our Scope and Sequence - all include the same content, but are in different printable formats. Please feel free to download whichever version best suits your needs.

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