Yellow Series

The Yellow Series is our first series, and it consists of 10 Titles - 5 Fiction (illustrated) and 5 Photo. The first book in the series introduces short <a>/ă/, short <o>/ŏ/, and a small selection of consonants. As the Yellow Series progresses, the following concepts are introduced:

  • all short vowels and all single consonants

  • consonant digraphs <th>/TH/ voiced (in “the”), <ck>, <ff>, <ss> and <zz>

  • some common orthographic patterns such as when to use <ck>

  • suffix <-s> as third person singular verb present tense and as plural

  • High Frequency Words: “the”, “a” and “to”

The first 5 books in the Yellow Series are Fiction (illustrated), and the final 5 books are Photo. The first few books of the series have short phrases as well as sentences to help beginning readers build their confidence.

The font is large with extra spacing between words and lines, and we use a font with the single storey <a>.

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Scope and Sequence

We have created 3 versions of our Scope and Sequence - all include the same content, but are in different printable formats. Please feel free to download whichever version best suits your needs.

Full Scope and Sequence - Printable plain table

Full Scope and Sequence - Printable booklet

Full Scope and Sequence - Printable 11 x 17 spread