Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

Print Overruns - Online Sale

Each time we print our books, we receive "overruns". Thousands of copies of each book are printed, but the presses do not stop on an exact count. For example, we may request 4000 copies, but they print 4137 of one title, and 4329 of another, etc. When each series is shrikwrapped, they can only wrap as many sets as the title with the least number of actual copies. The remaining books are "overruns". We use these overruns to create sample packs. Normally, our books are handled by machine all the way from raw paper and ink through to the shrinkwrapped sets, and we can rely on this process to create "perfect" results. The overruns, though, are hand-packed in overflow boxes, and shipped separately to us.

Since we have had multiple print runs now, we have overruns of every title, and can make more sets that are cobbled together from different print runs. We have hand-assembled these overrun sets, and are making them available at a discount for this sale. Our quantities are limited, and we have a different number of sets for each series, so we may run out of some series before others.

Note, we have only had one print run for the Red and Teal series, so we are unable to create overrun bundles for those series.

Our overrun sets:

  • contain all 10 titles from any given series (e.g., Blue Overrun Set contains all 10 titles found in the Blue Series)
  • books may come from different print runs, and as such, may have different codes on the back page (e.g., MS2304, MS2305, etc.)
  • are not shrink-wrapped - instead, they are shipped in zip lock bags
  • limit 1 of each item per customer
  • online sales only

DECK-odables - Online Sale

We're pleased to also offer a 20% online discount on our Yellow Series DECK-odables. Our set includes 150 cards that provide systematic practice of the concepts introduced in our Yellow Series. These engaging cards can be used for decoding practice, oral language discussions, games, and much more. Limit of 1 per customer.

Yellow Series DECK-odables

As the Yellow DECK-odables progress, the following concepts are introduced:

  • all short vowels and all single consonants
  • consonant digraphs <th>/TH/ voiced (in “the”), <ck>, <ff>, <ss> and <zz>
  • some common orthographic patterns such as when to use <ck>
  • suffix <-s> as third person singular verb present tense, and as plural
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