Pictureless Books

Educators have requested supplementary, practice, or take-home resources for students who are currently reading SyllaSense books in their classrooms. These image-less, printable resources will allow students to have their own copies of SyllaSense books, with their own illustrations, which can be taken home for practice. The intent is for these printable resources to be used in classrooms that are currently using SyllaSense Decodables in literacy instruction.

SyllaSense hereby grants royalty-free permission to print, share, and/or reproduce this image-less book in digital or print formats provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. All recipients of printed copies of this image-less work are eligible users - users that have access to the full, imaged, and purchased book of the respective title
  2. No modifications may be made to any digital copies of this copyrighted work
  3. This work may not be combined with any other work (in digital or print format)
  4. All reproductions must consist of the complete work (with the exception of this instruction page in printed reproductions)
  5. No fees, costs, or any form of remuneration may be charged or requested for any copies of this content (either digital or print copies), including the materials or time required to create such reproductions
  6. Neither the name of the copyright holder, nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote any product or service without specific prior written permission
  7. Any digital/online links sharing this content must credit SyllaSense as the originator of the content

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